Apply for bargain washing machine

SOCIAL housing tenants could save more than $1,000 on a new washing machine and slash their annual household electricity bills and detergent costs by an average $220-$245.

The Washing Machine Replacement Trial, a joint initiative between NSW Government and The Good Guys, will offer successful applicants the choice of four different sized machines for $150, $200 or $250 – normally priced between $749-1,399 – to help reduce living costs while boosting water and energy efficiency.
The cost includes delivery, installation, and removal and recycling of their old appliance, and the response to the offer has been so huge that there has been some delays in deliveries.
Minister for Lands and Water, Kevin Anderson, says every drop of water counts and “while we’re not in drought now, we could be again, and it’s never too soon to start saving and being more mindful about our water use”.
“This initiative will replace old top loader washing machines with new front loaders, which are more water and electricity efficient, and could save an estimated 25,000 litres of water each year per machine,” he said.
Excited to be part of the project, Managing Director of The Good Guys, Biag Capasso, says they know how important it is to their customers that their products can help residents save water and reduce their energy use.
“it’s just another great example of how The Good Guys help families live better for less,” he said.
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