Always there to help but couldn’t be done without many volunteers

SINCE Turbans 4 Australia began in 2015 it has provided emergency support and relief to thousands of people across the state.

From providing emergency relief packages to drought-stricken farmers, bushfire and flood ravaged communities to helping out during the Covid pandemic, Turbans 4 Australia has been there to help.
But they couldn’t do it without their volunteers and now they are appealing for others who can help to get involved.
“We’re driven by our volunteers,“ Turbans 4 Australia President Amar Singh said.
“They do so much good work. They do it because they want to.
“Now we need more volunteers and anyone’s invited to help out.”
Mr Singh said anyone can help, even if it’s only a few hours.
“We’ve only been able to achieve so much thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and generous donations from the Sikh community,” he said.
Turbans 4 Australia promotes multiculturalism, interfaith dialogue, charity and compassion.
“By forming connections with people from all walks of life, we’re breaking down the barriers of fear and misunderstanding while following the core Sikh values of equality, respect and service to humanity,” Mr Singh said.
Their warehouse at 14 Martha Street, Clyde.
To make a cash or bulk goods donation, or to volunteer email: