All students expected to get university offer

A POSITIVE reflection of the dedication and hard work of staff and students, Al-Faisal College’s 23rd in the State ranking in the 2019 Higher School Certificate, highlights the importance of maintaining high education standards and expectations.

Deputy Principal, Human and Physical Resources, Safia Khan Hassanein said: “From an individual student perspective, we had a student achieve the highest ATAR score of 99.95.”
“Another came first in Arabic Continuers, nine students were in the All Rounders category and there were another 88 Distinguished Achievers,” she said.
“From a cohort point, we managed to rank first in the State in Standard Mathematics, Mathematics and Extension 1 and 2.”
Ms Hassanein said the highly professional staff should be proud after educating and guiding their students towards achieving such tremendous HSC success.
“Our Year 12 students should also be extremely proud of the excellent results achieved in the 2019 HSC examinations,” she added.
“Our expectation is that all students will be successful in applying for university placements.
“Al-Faisal College will continue to work hard to maintain its position as the benchmark for academic achievement in Auburn.”
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