‘All I want for Father’s Day is bright future for my kids’

AS a proactive way to celebrate Father’s Day and family, Hurlstone Park resident Gavin Scott is urging dads to join the campaign calling on the Federal Government to solar up all schools and early learning centres.

“Since becoming a father I’ve really started to focus on the issue of climate change and what I can do to ensure my daughters have a brighter future,” Mr Scott said.
“The more I’ve looked into climate change, the more worried I’ve become. It has seemed like the kids have been doing all the work in drawing attention to the problem and protesting for action. As a father, it made me feel like I was letting my kids down by not stepping up.”
With more time on his hands because of reduced work during the pandemic, Mr Scott looked for ways he could do more and found Australian Parents for Climate Action.
He is now one of 84 Solar Our Schools (SOS) ‘local champions’ spread across Australia, pushing the Prime Minister to fund solar and batteries for every school and early learning centre.
“The Solar Our Schools initiative would save schools thousands on power bills, create local jobs in renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions by millions of tonnes a year,” he said.
“As we celebrate family this Father’s Day, let’s brighten our kids’ futures by signing the Solar Our Schools Open Letter ( to PM Scott Morrison, asking him to fund SOS as part of our Covid-19 economic recovery.”