African Cup kick off thrill

THE sun finally came out for the first round of the African Cup of Nations football tournament after rain postponed the previous week’s play.

African Australian Football Association (AAFA) secretary, Mohammed Omar, said it was “full of goals and entertaining football”.
“We now move to round two and three this Saturday and Sunday at Progress Park in Auburn, starting at 12.30pm on Saturday, November 21,” he said.
“For the latest NSW African Cup of Nations football tournament update you can check out our Facebook Page,”
First round results include: Libya 4 vs Egypt 2; Mauritania 4 vs Somalia 1; Kenya 4 vs Burkina Faso 3; Algeria 1 vs Mauritius 0; Liberia 8 vs Morocco 4; Guinea 2 vs South Sudan 2; Biafra 1 vs Sudan 0; and Tunisia 5 vs Comoros 4.

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