Abstract artwork at new pool inspired by locals

THE magnificent new aquatic centre in Ashfield, set for an October opening, now boasts a landmark new public artwork.

Two main facades, which can be seen internally from the main pool area and externally from the south along the trainline, now feature artworks that are bold and contemporary statements about the story of the site, its connection and importance.
Georgia Hill is a local, internationally-renowned artist who is passionate about her local community and her work, called ‘Ripple Through’, is a large abstract artwork relating to the history and environment of the area.
“I travel internationally working on large scale mural works and installations, however when I’m not on the road the Inner West is my home, so I was very excited to be invited to design an artwork for an area that has supported my practice for years,” she said.
As part of the project, Georgia worked with the council to hold public workshops, where everyone was invited to contribute ideas.
“The workshops were focused on informal conversation about people’s memories and experiences of Ashfield and the Inner West, that were then developed in my studio to form the basis of the art,” she said.
“The workshops were open to all – I heard stories of deep memories and family connections to Ashfield and the history of the area.”