AN elderly Bass Hill resident says she had to take her equally elderly dog into the Bass Hill Veterinary Clinic for treatment where she met “lovely, young” vet nurses Jess and Gemma. “Jess placed a rug on the floor for my dog to lie on and Gemma suggested that if I needed anything, such as milk, to phone her and she would drop it off for me,” she said. “Such kindness, I was very touched.”

• WHILE some people are being ‘Covidiots’, others are going above and beyond including the Greenacre resident who dropped off some essential items to her elderly neighbours. “My husband and I are both in high risk categories so we haven’t been out,” she said. “I asked my neighbour if she could help me order some groceries online which she did. An hour later the doorbell rang and a basket was on the step with a roll of toilet paper, some fruit and veg, pasta, a bottle of homemade tomato sauce and a packet of Tim Tams. I had a little cry. It was so sweet.”

• A CARING reader put together a box of supplies for WIRES following the Black Summer fires only to be told they couldn’t take her donation after they were inundated with more help than they could manage. The box sat in her boot for two months until she mentioned it in passing to someone who put her in touch with a wildlife carer looking after 17 bats. “We crossed paths at exactly the right time,” Kerrie said. “She was more than happy to take it and I was quite chuffed to be able to help.”

• CALLING it a pleasant surprise, Merle, 82, said she struck gold when she walked into a chemist in Condell Park on Thursday, as they were unloading pallets of toilet paper. “The assistant said I could have two packs and when another younger customer queried this, the assistant said ‘this is what we are doing to look after our elderly customers,” Merle said. “I thought well that’s a first and really hope Coles, Woolworths and IGA take a leaf out of their book.”

• TABLE of Plenty is a community lunch like no other where you can learn how to make healthy, affordable meals and then enjoy lunch together, with a $2 bag of food distributed after each session. It’s on offer every second Friday at Greenacre Area Community Centre, 12pm-2pm. Must show Centrelink or Immigration card. Bookings essential by calling Renee on 9750 7982.

• DAME Vera Lynn released a new video of her signature tune ‘We’ll Meet Again’ on Monday, in honour of her 103rd birthday. The new video is timely, especially in these difficult times when the world is coming together to support each other through the coronavirus outbreak. The singer’s new video, available on Youtube, couldn’t come at a better time, as the old style editing flashes rousing statements such as “Keep Calm and Carry On” across the screen.

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