Agency sets up way to aid battling elderly

KNOWING that so many older people have been struggling to get supplies from their grocery stores (despite queuing up early), the Chambers Fleming Professionals Padstow team has created a ‘Giving Table’.

“Any spare supplies that my brothers and I, plus our beautiful staff have, have been put on a table just inside the front entrance to our office, for those over the age of 65 who may be doing it tough, to take what they need,” Belinda Owsnett-Small said.
“We also invite members of the community to donate any spare pantry or personal care items to our ‘Giving Table’, including pastas, soups, canned and tinned food, hand sanitisers, wipes, tissues, toilet paper, long life products like milk, jar produce or soaps.
“If you know of someone in our local community who could benefit from a grocery boost, send them up to see us at 2 Faraday Road (corner of Howard Road), in Padstow.”

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