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AFTER much uncertainty about what is going to happen in schools as the Covid-19 crisis unfolds, Greenacre’s Holy Saviour School has taken action.

A Pupil Free Day on Thursday, universally welcomed by the parent community, was spent on upskilling teachers on the use of Google Classrooms and video-conferencing applications, and ensuring that each child has access to a variety of online subscriptions to support their learning.
“Teachers met and designed ‘take-home packs’ of school work to be provided for the children who are required to be in self-isolation,” Deputy Principal Rachael Bryant said.
“These will be returned to school on a weekly basis for teachers to mark and provide feedback. Students will also be given the opportunity to join classes virtually when new skills or content is being taught.”
Over the next few weeks, teachers will be pre-recording some lessons and giving students the chance to practise accessing and following these while they have the support of teachers at school.
Teachers will also be practising live-streaming classes, between classrooms and to students on laptops. The students and teachers are excited by the new experiences and have been quick to adapt to the changing learning environment.
“While we are all hoping our schools stay open, we are aware that things are changing rapidly and at Holy Saviour School, we are confident that we will be able to move into remote learning if it is needed sometime in the next few months,” Ms Bryant added.

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