Bump up work to assist blind

‘BUMPS’ embedded in the surface of new footpaths under construction in the Merrylands town centre, are aimed at improving safety for visually impaired pedestrians.

Work on upgrades to nearly 2,300 square metres of footpaths, which includes the addition of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI), is expected to be completed next month.
The TGSI are discerned underfoot, by cane tip or by their contrasting colour, with two types commonly used, including a grid of hazard bumps indicating a nearby hazard or change to the ground surface such as a ramp or intersection, and parallel raised lines to indicate the direction of travel.
Cumberland Mayor Steve Christou thanked businesses and shoppers for their patience and said the upgrades were something that the community has been looking forward to for some time.
“Sections of the main walkway through Merrylands town centre were looking tired and pedestrian and businesses are getting safer and newer footpaths, situated in the heart of Merrylands’ town centre,” he said.
He said the council was also fixing stormwater and drainage with works underway in the new developments in Neil Street due to be finished early this year.