Rocking weekend at RSL

FABULOUS, free entertainment will burst onto the stage at Petersham RSL this weekend, starting with popular singer Paul Greene on Thursday from 6pm.

Moving effortlessly from rustic folk-pop to unreconstructed rocker; from herbal roots ex-surfer type to intense singer-songwriter, Paul’s genuine songwriting stands above all else. You could be forgiven for thinking we may have our own Jack Johnson but Greene is much more than that.
Next up, the highly talented Dean Michael Smith will take charge of the stage from 6pm on Friday.
Influenced by Jeff Buckley, Soundgarden, Third Eye Blind and Foo Fighters, Dean has been a multi instrumentalist, songwriter and singer since the age of five.
Then from 7pm on Saturday, a dynamic combination of keyboards, vocals and guitar – Celebration Mix – will play everything from lounge music sets, to upbeat dance music, covering all the great classics from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s plus all of the hits of today.
Renowned for their versatility of musical styles, Celebration Mix – comprising Michelle Myers and Peter Rundle – features a stunning repertoire of over 200 songs.
If you’re in the mood for more, head back to the club from 2pm on Sunday, and let Frankie Valentyn inspire, entertain and give you a fun afternoon of cheeky antics and memorable tunes.
For more info, call the club on on 9560 8355 or visit petershamrsl.com.au.