Half century of helping needy

ASHFIELD’S homeless star in new documentary ‘A War of Compassion’, which chronicles the amazing journey of Rev Bill Crews, the inspirational founder of frontline charity, the Exodus Foundation, who has been on the streets with the needy for almost half a century.
At 75 and an Australian living treasure, Crews’ own ‘War of Compassion’ faces a personal and spiritual crisis.
Having battled through the past, he struggles through the present and wrestles with his own sanity and the future of those in need.
Filmed over six years, we see his fights against non-believers, the church, bureaucrats and even his own organisation.

Ultimately it’s his compassion that shines through.
“I try to lift people up and give them the full honour they deserve,” Mr Crews said.
Advertising legend and racetrack rogue John Singleton has been a supporter of Crews for decades.
Once again, the larrikin entrepreneur is seen, helping his mate when it matters.
“You can’t help but follow Bill’s lead, he’s the most selfless bloke I have ever met in my life,” says Singo.
Filmmaker Warwick Moss is likewise a fan and a follower with a palpable ‘but for the grace of God’ connection to Reverend Crews and Singleton.
All appear in the film.
A Premiere Screening of ‘A War of Compassion’ will be held at Event Cinemas George Street Sydney on Tuesday, March 3, at 6pm.
It will be attended by community leaders and politicians along with homeless and needy guests.
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