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Take advantage of low stock to get better price

WHEN is the best time to sell?

This is a question we, as buyers and selling agents, are asked all the time.
My answer is always when there is little stock as it will help you achieve the best price.
With the consistent rate cuts, the restrictions on loans removed by APRA and income tax cuts, the knock-on effect has begun to increase buyer activity.
The supply of new homes coming on to the market most of this year has still been low and has fuelled a supply and demand imbalance. Strong property prices have resulted in premium suburbs but has not extended to all of the country.
While these conditions show some market recovery, experts say not to expect the surge in pricing equivalent to the past year increases.
While we have seen the return of some investors, they have not returned enforce and will unlikely be at the same levels as previous years.
We have also seen confidence levels drop for new builds compared with the past due to the Opal Tower effect.
After a slow start to the year, Sydney’s premium suburbs have now seen double digit growth.
Many experts believe the recovery of the market will be slow and steady moving forward to 2020.
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