Futureworlds taking over ArtSeat

A NEW work by the non-profit community art and cultural development organisation, Refugee Art Project, is the next to feature at Inner West Council’s ArtSeat.

‘Futureworlds’ comprises different drawings by multiple refugee participants who attend art workshops at the council’s artist studio, Thirning Villa, in Ashfield.
Safdar Ahmed, Director of Refugee Art Project, said participants included men, women and children from Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, West Africa, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the Kurdish areas of the Middle East.
“The drawings for this project are in response to the question, ‘What does the future hold?’,” Safdar said.
“We have invited refugees to expansively imagine this on their own terms.
“Their pen and black ink drawing were then scanned and coloured in photoshop.
“The result is visually very striking.”
The council’s ArtSeat is a permanent structure in Newtown Square that provides local, emerging and established artists with a space where experimental and non-commercial art can be showcased.
Incorporating public seating and lighting, the ArtSeat is also a landmark meeting point.