Station death ‘misadventure’

Commuters faced delays after a man was struck by a train at Riverwood.

Story appeared in: Torch | September 11th, 2018

POLICE are treating the death of a man at Riverwood Railway Station as "misadventure".
Shortly before 2.50pm last Wednesday, emergency services were called to Riverwood Railway Station after reports a man had been struck by a train.
Police believe the 40-year-old man was with another person spray painting a stationary train carriage when he stepped backwards into the path of an express train.
A crime scene was established at the station causing major delays for commuters.
Buses replaced trains between Riverwood and Kingsgrove during the afternoon.
Police said a report was being prepared for the coroner.
Meanwhile a Sydney Trains spokesperson said trespassing in the rail corridor and buffer riding is not only illegal; it's also extremely dangerous and stupid behaviour.
"It is not worth risking your life for a cheap thrill," the spokesperson said.
"It can take a train hundreds of metres to stop under emergency braking and you won't hear it coming."
The spokesperson said when people are on the tracks it can be extremely traumatising for staff and customers, who don't know if the trespassers are going to get out of the way in time.
"We work closely with Police Transport Command to target and deter reckless behaviour, and provide CCTV footage to help identify risk takers."

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