Elderly rally over cuts to Centrelink

Pensioners and unionists protested against Centrelink cuts outside Federal MP for Banks, David Coleman’s Revesby office last week.

Story appeared in: Torch | September 11th, 2018

A SMALL but vocal group of pensioners made their feelings known during a protest outside Federal MP for Banks, David Coleman's electoral office in Revesby on Friday.
The pensioners, along with representatives from the Community and Public Sector Union, protested Centrelink cuts and privatisation.
Bankstown resident Barney Gardner said the Coalition Government had cut thousands of Centrelink jobs and had privatised parts to multinationals, including Serco.
"We feel very strongly about our vital service being outsourced," he said. "Outsourcing especially doesn't work for older Australians.
"Its having devastating consequences for local pensioners and other Centrelink customers, who are unable to use computers, or stand in queues for long periods of time."
Ray Jones, 83, from Padstow said he joined the protest to help send a message to the Federal Government that more staff were needed at Centrelink offices.
"We use to have a Centrelink office here in Revesby, but now we're forced to go to the Bankstown office," he said.
"I had to line up and wait in a line of 35 people at Bankstown. I've got crook legs and can't stand too long.
"It's not the staff, it's the system."
The Torch has contacted Mr Coleman's office for comment.

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