Hire hundreds more to fix nursing ratios vow

Calling for higher nurse to patient ratios, Auburn Hospital nurses Cathy Isaksen, Sylvia Veil, Rema Elhassan, Deb Smith, Riki Richards and Kelly Wright with Opposition Leader and Auburn MP, Luke Foley (centre).

Story appeared in: Review | July 30th, 2018

THE Opposition has promised to deliver more nurses to hospitals across the State, including Auburn Hospital, through higher nurse to patient ratios if they win next year's State Election in March.
Speaking at last week's NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association annual conference, Opposition Leader and State MP for Auburn, Luke Foley, pledged to employ hundreds more nurses in 'B' and 'C' group hospitals across the State which would improve patient care in about 60 separate hospitals, including Auburn.
Confirming that a detailed and fully costed policy would be released closer to the election, Mr Foley said nurses and midwives dud extraordinary work but were under severe pressure.
"Our nurses do astonishing work given their workload," he said.
"But we tend to forget that while they achieve remarkable results, they are only human.
"This policy will give them the resources they need to continue their work - caring for the sick and most vulnerable in our community."
During the 2015 election campaign, NSW Labor announced a policy of new nurse to patient ratios in emergency departments and paediatric wards and Mr Foley says this announcement builds on that commitment.
"This expansion adds to what we have already announced - health care should not be post code dependent," he said.
"We will employ hundreds of nurses for city and country hospitals. It's shameful that the Government allows hospitals to be understaffed while putting billions of dollars into Sydney stadiums."
He said numerous studies showed a clear link between higher staff levels and improved outcomes for patients through reduced errors, improvements to the amount of time each nurse could spend in patient care and reduced stress, which could also lead to higher retention of nurses and midwives.

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