$1m to solve murder mystery

Missing man Raphael Joseph.

Story appeared in: Review | July 16th, 2018

POLICE are "very close" to laying charges in relation to the murder of Raphael Joseph four years ago, says the State's homicide boss.
Detective superintendent Scott Cook says they hope a $1 million dollar reward will prompt someone to come forward with "that last piece" of information investigators need.
It is just the fourth time such a large reward has been offered in NSW and the first involving a victim with known underworld connections, but Supt Cook said the value was not "indicative of the value of a person".
"A human being is a human being," he said.
"For us it's about getting information. We know that he was murdered for financial gain and betrayed by people he trusted.
"These people are driven by greed, these people are driven by money and financial gain." Full story on page 5.

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