Volunteers honoured for their service

Honoured for their service to the community through the Red Cross Guildford, volunteers Rhonda Haywood, Mariette Sleiman, Chris Hayden, Shirley Ryan and George Mockridge.

Story appeared in: Review | July 16th, 2018

THREE Red Cross Guildford volunteers were honoured for their years of service to the community and presented with long-service medals at a special ceremony last week.
Red Cross Guildford volunteer public relations officer Weenahoff Taueli said 89-year-old Shirley Ryan, who received a 20-year service medal, began as an all-rounder in the Red Cross shop and continues to do the same duties.
"This amazing lady's smile welcomes all customers," she said.
George Mockridge, 85, who is the Guildford branch's treasurer received a 10-year medal as did Christopher Hayden, 63, who volunteers in the shop.
"These three seniors were recognised for their many years of volunteering services to Red Cross and for their commitment and tireless services to the community and consistently delivering the Red Cross's mission and values," Mrs Taueli said.

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