No to bus shelter for aged

The elderly are forced to wait for buses without the protection of a shelter outside Donnington Gardens Retirement Village.

Story appeared in: Torch | May 1st, 2018

A REQUEST by elderly residents for a bus shelter outside their Georges Hall retirement village, has been rejected by Canterbury Bankstown Council.
Donnington Gardens Retirement Village secretary Anthony Mullins wrote to Canterbury Bankstown Council requesting the shelter for over 60 elderly residents. He said another 50 residents were expected to move into stage two of the development, taking the total number of occupants of Donnington Gardens to 110.
"We are very disappointed with the negative response from City of Canterbury Bankstown declining our application," Mr Mullins said.
"We decided to refer the matter to State MP for Bankstown, Tania Mihailuk, who will take the matter up on our behalf with the council and the local traffic committee."
Ms Mihailuk has slammed the council for refusing the request, and not making the installation of the shelter a priority.
"Canterbury Bankstown Council must immediately review its decision to refuse residents' request for a bus shelter, and make it a funding priority.
"Without this much needed bus shelter, these residents will be left waiting for their buses in the wind, rain and cold. Canterbury Bankstown Council is the largest council in NSW, has a billon plus dollar asset base but apparently doesn't have the funds for a bus shelter to protect our elderly residents."
A council spokesperson said it had to prioritise funds to upgrade existing shelters to bring them up to the disability standard for accessible public transport requirements, over putting in new shelters.
"The current bus stop already conforms to the current disability discrimination act standards, as well as an existing seat for the comfort of public transport patrons," a spokesperson said.

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