Behind bars for 34 years

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | January 10th, 2018

A CAMPSIE man who stabbed his niece to death will spend more than 34 years behind bars.
During sentencing last month, NSW Supreme Court Justice Helen Wilson described 29-year-old Derek Barrett as a sexual deviant.
Barrett had previously pleaded guilty to murdering Chinese university student Mengmei Leng, whose naked body was found floating in the blowhole at Snapper Point on the NSW Central Coast in April 2016.
Ms Leng, 25, had lived with Barrett and her aunt at their Campsie unit since arriving in Australia to study five years before her murder. The court heard that Barrett gagged and bound Ms Leng before stabbing her multiple times, photographing her naked body, and dumping her over a cliff into the blowhole.
Justice Wilson dismissed claims by Barrett that he was high on Ice at the time, saying instead it was a crime of "extreme violence and brutality, humiliating and terrifying" and that it stemmed from his "perverted sexual obsession with the victim".
Justice Wilson also described Barrett's crime as a "depraved and sadistic act by a man she trusted".
He was sentenced to 46 years in jail with a non-parole period of 34 years and six months.

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