Seniors keep independence

Story appeared in: Review | January 8th, 2018

SENIORS living independently in units owned by Cumberland Council received an early Christmas present after councillors voted nine to two to scrap a review into ownership and management options.
Instigated while the Council was under administration in May last year, Councillor George Campbell opposed the review and said there was "no justification" for options which included engaging a third party to operate the facilities; leasing them to a third party for any use; or selling all or part of the properties to a third party.
"These potential outcomes are beyond the pale and no more staff resources should be expended pursuing them," Cr Campbell said.
However Cr Ned Attie argued that the facilities were outdated and while he was also "appalled" at the options put forward under the Administrator, he said there was also scope potentially expand the number of units available by "testing the market to see what is out there".
"We do need to review things," he said.
"It doesn't mean we put people out on the streets."
Cr Attie and Cr Michael Zaiter proposed an amendment to undertake "a Request for Information process for third party providers to provide options to Council with a view to increase the numbers of senior housing living and provide a feasibility of how it can be undertaken" but it failed to gain any other support.

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