Reduced hours disappoint

Councillor Glenn Elmore says reduced opening hours at Council pools between Christmas and the new year inconvenienced regular early morning swimmers.

Story appeared in: Review | January 8th, 2018

SOME swimmers were unhappy about reduced opening hours at Cumberland Council's public pools between Christmas and the new year, particularly at Granville pool.
Among those whose plans for an early morning swim were disrupted was the wife of Councillor Glenn Elmore who said a number of regular lap swimmers who spoke to her were very disappointed by the reduced opening hours between December 27 to January 1.
Catherine Elmore urged the Council to rethink the policy which saw the pools open from 9.30am to 5pm, which she said exposed people to more sun during hot weather.
She said having even one or two pools open as normal would have been more considerate for regular pool users.
"I just think it wasn't a very wise decision to do that at all the pools," she said.
"There are a lot of people who do laps early in the morning.
Cr Elmore said many swimmers had a routine and liked to swim early in the morning and before the heat of the day.
"Changing the opening hours to 9.30am has inconvenienced them," he said.
Responding to the concerns, acting general manager Maxine Kenyon said the reduced operating hours were advertised at each pool for approximately four weeks in the lead up to Christmas, and via the membership email network.
"With the exception of Granville, which came under Cumberland Council's management in April, operating hours followed the same schedule as last year for the period between Christmas and New Year, which historical data shows is a particularly quiet time for our swim centres," she said.

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