Call for more camera sites

One of the new CCTV cameras.

Story appeared in: Review | January 8th, 2018

CONCERNS about community safety have been "rightly justified", according to Councillor Tom Zreika after a report on the feasibility of installing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras within the Guildford town centre was tabled at Cumberland Council's last meeting for 2017.
The report included a copy of the Guilford Safety and Access Audit, which was completed in November 2017, and resulted in two relocatable cameras moved to the intersections of Military Road and Guildford Road, and Guildford Road and Railway Terrace last month.
Cr Zreika said he was happy with the report which was prepared by Cumberland Council staff in consultation with NSW Police, describing it as "quite thorough".
"Moreover, and coupled with the 60 damning findings and 17 recommendations which flowed from the associated Community Safety and Access Audit, my concerns were rightly justified - Guildford is indeed the forgotten cousin," he said.
"According to crime hotspot data, the report not only identified several locations in Guildford for the installation of CCTV cameras but alarmingly recommends that the CCTV infrastructure be expanded across the Cumberland Area."
He said five of the 17 audit recommendations had already been completed "to alleviate urgent lighting, footpath, access and other security and safety issues and concerns".
The report included a review of the existing 43 relocatable, solar-powered cameras, noting that the Council had also inherited a mix of other fixed camera systems following the amalgamation which needed to be reviewed and centralised.
Outlining Council's plans to fund and install additional cameras, the report also highlighted that while self-contained solar-powered cameras were a relatively cost effective solution they had "a number of restrictions" on their use.

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