Take pledge to help cut growing litter problems

Angelina Boulos and Georgio Elazzi “do the right thing” while visiting Garrison Point Reserve at Georges Hall last week.

Story appeared in: Torch | January 10th, 2018


AS parklands fill with summer crowds, and thousands flock to popular picnic spots, Canterbury Bankstown Council is tackling the long-standing problem of litter.
This year will mark the fifth year that Council have implemented the 'We Like Our Park Litter Free' program along foreshores - installing 78 garbage and 12 coal bins.
Since the program began, Council says there has been a 90 per cent reduction in litter across foreshore parks.
Until the end of March, Council staff will be scouring popular destinations and asking picnickers to take a pledge, and commit to putting their rubbish in bins.
Canterbury Bankstown Mayor Khal Asfour said the Council wants to avoid incidents like what occurred at Little Bay Beach, Maroubra and at St Kilda foreshore, on Christmas Day.
"It's unacceptable what happened at both those beaches," Mayor Asfour said.
"This behaviour is what we are trying to avoid, which is why we are campaigning harder than ever through our clean park educators.
"We've already seen a dramatic improvement when it comes to the community using coal barbecues.
"Previously, people were disposing the coals in any bin, but now, more than two-thirds of groups are placing their hot coals in the coal bin, which is a great effort."
Mayor Asfour stressed the need for community participation.
"Keeping our city clean is a responsibility we all have, so if we all do the right thing, we are one step closer to achieving a litter-free environment," he said.
In addition to the 'We Like Our Park Litter Free' program, Council has been dedicated to reducing litter across the entire city. Council has introduced sensors in 60 bins across the area, to better understand how street litter bins are being used.

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