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Families both big and small were out making the most of Cumberland’s parks, playgrounds and other open spaces including Campbell Hill Pioneer Reserve and The Holroyd Gardens Nature Reserve during the first week of 2018.

Story appeared in: Review | January 8th, 2018

EVERYONE who uses Cumberland Council's parks, sports fields, gardens, picnic areas and playgrounds is being urged to help create an Open Space and Recreation Strategy.
Cumberland Council is asking for feedback from users and residents to build an understanding of how its spaces are being used and managed, whether they meet the community's needs, and their vision for the future.
Mayor Greg Cummings said the 10-year strategy aims to be a framework to deliver the open spaces that the people want.
"Diverse open spaces with quality facilities and services are a way of bringing communities and local people together in a sustainable and healthy way," he said.
"To do this we need feedback from everyone so we can understand what people are currently using these spaces for and the needs they would like to be served in the future.
"This will allow Council to identify shortcomings, build on what's working, and prepare for new opportunities and further improvements."
The Council will also have stands at Australia Day celebrations at Holroyd Gardens on Friday, January 26, and the Little A's Gala Day at Holroyd Sportsground on Saturday, February 3.
An online survey is also open until February 23 at

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