Street now de-facto car park

Story appeared in: Torch | January 9th, 2018

WHILE most suburban streets were empty during the holiday period, the same cannot be said for the roads around Padstow Railway Station.
During this time of year Iberia Street - a three minute walk from the station - becomes a de-facto car park for people taking a holiday flight. The station is a 15-minutes train ride to Sydney International Airport.
Residents have called for solutions into the worsening congestion on their streets.
Suzanne Youl says the problem has become unbearably dangerous.
"I've been residing in Iberia Street for 12 years," she said.
"Since I purchased my home the problem has pretty much existed from day one, but has become worse within the last two to three years."
Suzanne said the approval of more duplexes and townhouses, where multi-vehicle home owners park on the streets, is adding to the congestion.
Residents are calling for 'permit stickers' or limited parking hours on the street. They also want designated 'disabled parking'.
"Thursday nights are even more problematic - it's our rubbish night. Quite often people move bins from the curb, so they can park."
Suzanne said rubbish is not collected on occasions due to bins being moved onto the footpath.
"As a rate-payer, it's unfair and totally inconsiderate that the Council hasn't actioned some sort of remedy, especially by now, when I have been seeking a solution for numerous years."
A Council spokesperson said there is no current parking reviews being undertaken in Iberia Street and it had received no complaints regarding congestion in the street for over 12 months.
Also, the spokesperson said it had received no complaints about waste services.

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