Solidarity for all

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | November 15th, 2017

AUSTRALIANS have voted in favour of changing the law to allow same-sex marriage.
Australian Statistician David Kalisch announced the results of the postal survey at 10am on Wednesday, confirming the survey had delivered a Yes result.
The majority of Australians indicated that the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry, with 7,817,247 (61.6 per cent) responding 'Yes' and 4,873,987 (38.4 per cent) responding 'No'.
Nearly eight out of 10 eligible Australians (79.5 per cent) expressed their view.
In the Federal Seat of Grayndler, 73,208 ( 79.9 per cent) voted 'Yes', while 18,429 (20.1 per cent) cast a 'No' vote.
Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne says the Australian people have spoken and sent a message to the Government that the discrimination against LGBTIQ people must end.
"The people of the Inner West have spoken and sent a message to our LGBTIQ community that as your brothers and sisters, neighbours and friends, we stand with you in solidarity always.
"Today we celebrate a large step forward in the long, slow and ceaseless march towards universal human rights in this country," Mayor Byrne said.
The council has been a strong advocate for the 'Yes' campaign - flying rainbow flags from council buildings, and installing banners across the local government area - urging residents to vote 'Yes' in the postal survey.

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