Still fighting for better road plan

Not so squeezy: Cr Glen Waud wants the council to take another look at housing setbacks and parking in narrow residential streets.

Story appeared in: Torch | November 7th, 2017

A CANTERBURY Bankstown councillor has renewed his four-year battle to unblock congested, narrow, residential streets.
Revesby ward councillor Glen Waud says he is not fazed by two failed attempts for reviews into setbacks, on-site parking and front landscape controls for dual occupancy and multi dwelling housing in narrow residential streets.
Cr Waud's campaign began in 2013 when he called for housing setbacks and improved onsite parking on roads less than nine metres in width. He called on the council also to investigate one-way traffic options in narrow streets where access for emergency vehicles was an issue.
Cr Waud's calls were rejected, and he again revisited the idea in 2015, with the same results.
"So here we are in October 2017, community concern is high and growing, and this problem will not go away," Cr Waud said.
"You can look for someone or something else to blame, but the same problem will still be there tomorrow, next week and next year."
At the last council meeting, Cr Waud again asked for a report into the problem.
He said residents of narrow streets not only had to put up with their streets being overdeveloped with duplexes that do not have enough onsite parking, but those who live near railway stations, had to contend with commuters' vehicles blocking driveways and obscuring vision. He says there are also problems with emergency services access.
"Closing our eyes and ears to the truth, and doing nothing about it will not make it go away; it will only continue to grow and become much worse," Cr Waud said.

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