Still fighting to see park become reality

Wentworth Point residents are calling on the State Government to deliver on its park and infrastructure promises.

Story appeared in: Review | October 30th, 2017

FRUSTRATED by years of waiting, Wentworth Point residents are urging the State Government to deliver on its long overdue Peninsula Park promise.
Rezoning for the Wentworth Point Priority Precinct was finalised by UrbanGrowth NSW in June 2014 and promised a 3.9 hectare park plus three pocket parks.
More than 90 residents attended a rally calling for action last weekend, with Bronwyn Evans from Wentworth Point Community Central, saying that the site is "padlocked off and in disrepair".
"We got the apartments, but there's no park," she said.
"Eight years ago, I addressed Auburn Council about their failure to provide parks at Wentworth Point, pointing out that every other suburb in the area had a minimum of four parks and we had none. Nothing has changed."
Opposition Leader and State MP for Auburn, Luke Foley, said the State Government was consistently failing to honour its promise to deliver services and amenities for the rapidly-growing Western Sydney suburbs.
He added that work has only begun in the last couple of months on a primary school promised for the suburb over six budgets in a row.
"The plight of Wentworth Point is a familiar one to many people across Sydney who are witnessing rapid levels of development but without the services to support them," Mr Foley said.
"With this Government all you get are the high rises but you don't get the parks and the playgrounds, the schools and the early childhood centres."
"A community isn't a whole unless it has the green spaces and the parks in which its children can play. Until then it is just a development."

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