Donate shoe box urged

Rosalyn Ramsay with some of the wrapped shoe boxes with items for needy children.

Story appeared in: Torch | October 20th, 2017

THE next time you go to throw out a shoebox consider donating it to help a child.
A volunteer from Southhaven Aged Care in Padstow Heights, is asking families and visitors to drop off their spare shoeboxes at the nursing home as part of Operation Christmas Child.
Rosalyn Ramsay has been volunteering at Southhaven for almost a decade and also spends her time putting together shoeboxes full of clothes, hygiene products, toys and other essentials to send to children in south-east Asia.
Operation Christmas Child collects shoeboxes filled with gifts and delivers them to children in need around the world.
"I love the fact that the gospel message is going out to other countries, because even though there's no Christian items in it, they give them the opportunity when they distribute them to attend a course, and it's amazing how many have become Christians through that outreach," Rosalyn said.
The shoeboxes need to have a loose fitting lid and be no bigger than an A4 piece of paper. People are also welcome to fill the shoeboxes with gifts, and even write a note to the child.
Volunteering has been a big part of Rosalyn's life and she loves to spend time with residents at Southhaven every week.
"I feel like I've been drawn to this place. I get probably more out of it than what they do," she said.
"I've always had an affinity to elderly people. My mother was similar, she always used to gravitate towards older people, and used to say to me, 'you're going to be old yourself one day, so treat elderly people the way you would want to be treated'."
Rosalyn also volunteers at the warehouse where the boxes are put together and shipped off.
To donate, drop your shoeboxes at Southhaven reception, 11 Queensbury Rd, Padstow Heights.

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