Writer trip to Himalayas

The Alice Campions at a recent book signing.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | November 8th, 2017

BUDDING and experienced writers are being invited to join a 10-day collaborative writing workshop in the stunning Himalayan Kathmandu Valley with the Alice Campions, comprising Marrickville and Petersham residents Jenny Crocker, Jane Richards, Jane St Vincent Welch and Denise Tart, authors of The Painted Sky and The Shifting Light.
In this movable feast for the creative mind, set to take place from April 9-19, you will stay in historic boutique hotels and enjoy authentic local cuisine and culture, according to Denise.
"You will work in small teams to create a short piece of collaborative fiction," she said.
"You can learn more about us and our methods at groupfiction.net. The 'Alice' process includes both solitary and shared work. When not writing, you may be hiking, meditating or shopping in a bustling market.
"The vibrant natural and cultural world of the Himalayas will provide inspiring shared sights, sounds, experiences and characters that will resonate in your writing."
Denise said the group has conducted highly successful full-day workshops, including for Sydney Writers' Festival this year and for Writers Victoria.
"We hope to appeal not only to those considering a group project - we know those groups are far and few between - something we're trying to change," she said.
"Rather, we think any writer who is looking to kick start or invigorate their career or for immediate and supportive feedback, could find this retreat invaluable. And what fun for a writers' or readers' group to attend together. In fact, a lot of fun is guaranteed. While the Alices don't take ourselves too seriously - we run a seriously good workshop."
For further info and booking details, go to himalayanwritersworkshop.com.

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