Already a betrayal

Cumberland Council’s inaugural councillor line-up. Front: Cr Suman Saha, Cr Tom Zreika, Cr Eddy Sarkis (Deputy Mayor), Cr Greg Cummings (Mayor), Cr Ross Grove, Cr Ola Hamed, Cr Steve Christou. Back: Cr George Campbell, Cr Ned Attie, Cr Paul Garrard, Cr Joseph Rahme, Cr Kun Huang, Cr Lisa Lake, Cr Michael Zaiter, Cr Glenn Elmore.

Story appeared in: Review | September 29th, 2017

A SENSE of betrayal appears to be the only thing that Labor colleagues Councillors George Campbell and Greg Cummings have in common following Wednesday's meeting to choose the first mayor of Cumberland.
In what Cr Campbell described as a "triumph of ego over principles", Cr Cummings was elected Mayor with support from Liberal and Our Local Community councillors.
"His defection has betrayed the trust placed in him by Labor Party members and voters," Cr Campbell said.
"He relied on many rank and file Labor Party members and supporters to volunteer on the campaign and to assist with funding."
However the former three-time Mayor of Holroyd Council, said he felt betrayed by the Labor caucus throwing their support behind Cr Campbell, adding that he felt there were "outside influences" acting on the situation.
"I'm more than happy to put my record against George at any time," Mayor Cummings said.
"I couldn't have done anything more for the party. At the end of the day I can sleep with my conscience that I have done right by the residents of the Greystanes Ward and the former Holroyd residents, and I am looking forward to doing the best I can for the whole of Cumberland."

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