Digs in so Ark blooms

Resident Frank Mete with part of his creation for Ark Aged Care in Hixson Street.

Story appeared in: Seniors | September 20th, 2017

ALREADY reaping the benefits of having a garden after just a short time, Ark Aged Care residents have been tucking into salads with their own homegrown lettuce, tomatoes and chilli, thanks to the efforts of resident Frank Mete.
Clinical Operations Manager Ann Del Orsario explains: "We like to encourage our residents' interests and hobbies and when we appointed a gardener, Frank was kind of overseeing him so we gave Frank his own areas to develop and he has done an amazing job.
"He has created three large, raised box gardens comprising flowers, vegetables and herbs with a fountain in the middle; our lifestyle manager and Frank also visited Bunnings and bought garden ornaments and animal statues to raise even more interest among our residents and their families. Gardening and enjoying the beauty of one is such wonderful therapy and Frank is now going to consult for us at our other sites."

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