Digital food offer at hospital

: Auburn Hospital food services assistants Suna Orcan and Hardheet Barar.

Story appeared in: Review | September 18th, 2017

PATIENTS at Auburn Hospital will receive a new range of nutritious, tasty meals during their stay from today as My Food Choice is introduced across the facility.
My Food Choice is a more accurate, tech-savvy way of delivering meals to patients, ending the need for spare meals, reducing waste and allowing nursing staff to better monitor patient's food intake.
Food Services staff take a patient's order with a tablet computer just hours before service and then transmit the order to the kitchen by Wi-Fi.
Patients are offered a pictorial menu and can choose from 18 hot meals at lunch and dinner.
There is also a halal menu, with nine hot options like lamb kaftas in tomato sauce with rice and vegetables, and a vegetarian menu.
Auburn Hospital general manager Andrew Newton said taking the order just four hours before a meal time, ensured every patient got the meal they wanted, improving service and slashing waste.
"Our staff have done a fantastic job introducing an entirely new system without interrupting the important work of the hospital," he said.
"Staff are already enjoying the engagement with patients and we know the patients will really like the more personalised service."
My Food Choice also does away with the food plating line, in use since the 1970s, and replaces it with small preparation stations.
Food Services staff have been trained in the new system and in new IT processes so they can take and fulfil orders correctly.
Staff will also use their mobile devices to collect data on the amount of food each patient consumes. This is provided in a secure, interactive dashboard, which can be used by dietitians to manage each patient's nutrition status.
Mr Newton said My Food Choice aimed to put patients at the heart of the service.
"Staff personally prepare the meals they serve to each patient; it's a fundamental change of focus that aims to make the meal experience a highlight of each patient's stay," he said.

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