Libs cop thumping

Election results from Saturday, which show the Labor Party dominating, have been in response to over-development and the abuse of power that plagued the former Auburn council, according to some candidates including Labor's George Campbell who has secured a position in Regents Park ward.

Story appeared in: Review | September 11th, 2017

LABOR will dominate the newly formed Cumberland Council after Saturday's historic local government elections.
Labor is leading the count in all five wards and is in contention for eight out of 15 councillor positions. Former Parramatta Mayor Paul Garrard's party Our Local Community is also performing well as preferences decide third position in three of the wards. In South Granville Ward, Mr Garrard will be one of three councillors, with Labor's Glenn Elmore also gaining a jersey.
The third position is a tight battle between former Auburn Labor councillor, and now independent, Hicham Zraika and Liberal candidate, Tom Zreika.
In the Regents Park Ward, Labor's George Campbell has convincingly secured a position, with the Liberal's Ned Attie also gaining representation. The third position will be decided between former Auburn councillor and Residents Action Group's Irene Simms and Labor candidate Kun Huang.
"At the moment I'm about 400 votes ahead, but preferences will decide the outcome," Ms Simms said.
"Our group received no preferences from any candidates, so it will be tough."
Mr Campbell said the election result had been vindication of the Labor Party's stance against over-development and the abuse of power and arrogance that plagued the former Auburn council.
"The Liberal Party has hit rock bottom in both Regents Park and South Granville wards," he said.
"The message is clear: Council belongs to the people, not greedy councillors and developers."
In the Granville Ward, Labor has secured two positions with candidates Steve Christou and Ola Hamed elected, while the third councillor will be the Liberal's Joseph Rahme.
In the Wentworthville Ward, Lisa Lake has been elected for Labor and Michael Zaiter for the Liberals. The third positions is yet to be decided. Labor's Greg Cummings and Ross Grove have been elected in Greystanes Ward, with the third position yet to be decided.

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