Fancy dress girls in 1948, celebrate 80ths

Story appeared in: Seniors | September 20th, 2017

TAKEN at a fancy dress party and appearing inside Torch in 1948, Margaret Evans (now Thatcher) and Shirley Hocraft (now Dundas) were aged 10 years old then but have recently celebrated their 80th birthdays.
The East Bankstown Public School (now Greenacre PS) students who lived opposite each other on Boronia Road, Greenacre, have stayed friends all through the years.
Representing NSW in Vigaro when she was 14, Margaret - a former Miss Bankstown, still lives in Greenacre while Shirley moved to Condell Park and later Ballina.
They celebrated their birthdays with plenty of friends and families; Shirley at son Glen's home at Bangor and Margaret at daughter Leanne's home East Hills.
"Despite all the changes that have taken place in Greenacre, I would never want to live anywhere else," Margaret said.

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