Metro’s on wrong track

Sydenham to Bankstown Alliance spokesperson Karen Campbell joined 250 other residents to voice their concerns on the weekend.

Story appeared in: Inner West Times | July 12th, 2017

THE massive cost of privatising and converting the 13.5km Sydenham to Bankstown rail line to metro standards, would be better directed to solving transport problems along Parramatta Road, over 250 residents were told at Marrickville over the weekend.
Sydenham to Bankstown Alliance, which hosted the Herb Greedy Hall meeting, says funding for the South West Sydney Metro Plan should be spent fixing public transport problems elsewhere in Sydney, and not wasted on ripping up a functioning rail line.
Alliance spokesperson Karen Campbell said residents were just starting to become aware of the Government's plans for the corridor.
"This will destroy the amenity and heritage of just about every suburb between Sydenham and Bankstown," Mrs Campbell said.
"We were disappointed that there was no Government minister available to attend the meeting, but we were even more disappointed that no local Labor MP could be in attendance," she said.
Alliance spokesman Peter Olive said a Metro would mean the loss of direct access to many city stations, including Central, and a reduction in seating per train from 886 on Waratah trains to just 378 on Metro trains.
The meeting also opposed the Government's Urban Renewal Corridor Strategy, which Mr Olive said would mean the over-development of suburbs, and place additional pressure on services and facilities.
"There were grave concerns about the destruction of century-old heritage suburbs, the loss of affordable accommodation and the potential bulldozing of up to 4,000 existing houses to make way for the new development," he said.

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