School cuts fear

Story appeared in: Torch | May 16th, 2017

CHESTER Hill High will be the hardest hit in the Blaxland electorate under the school funding overhaul, announced in the Federal Budget last week, says Labor's Jason Clare.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced major changes to the Gonski recommendations, which will see Commonwealth Government school funding grow by 17 per cent nationally over the next decade. A second major report into schools' funding, which will be chaired by the architect of the last major report, David Gonski, was also announced.
Federal MP for Blaxland, Mr Clare says schools in his electorate will get almost $32 million less under the Government's Gonski overhaul, than what they would under Labor.
Mr Clare says Chester Hill High School will lose $2.7 million under the changes, while Bankstown Senior College will be $2 million less off, and Bankstown Public School down by $1.7 million, compared to Labor's Gonski funding proposal.
"These cuts mean fewer teachers and less attention paid to our children, than they would have got otherwise," Mr Clare said.
Federal Liberal MP for Banks, David Coleman, said that despite Labor's claims of "cuts", the Government was increasing school funding.
"Every single school in Banks will receive more funding than they do today," Mr Coleman said.
"The claim by Labor that funding has been cut is disingenuous and completely wrong, it is actually going up by 75 per cent over the next decade.
"Under Labor, there were 27 different school funding deals that did not implement the Gonski model, under the Coalition there is one national model which implements David Gonski's recommendations for needs-based funding."

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