School does bit to create lusher future on Tree Day

Regents Park Public School students got their hands dirty planting seedlings as part of Schools Tree Day on Friday.

Story appeared in: Review | August 2nd, 2017

ROLLING up their sleeves to help green playground areas, students from Regents Park Public School planted seedlings as part of Schools Tree Day on Friday.
Now in its 22nd year, Tree Day is based on the rationale that everyone thrives when they come together for the health and wellbeing of the planet and all its inhabitants, and Cumberland Council also held events at Campbell Hill Reserve in Guildford and the Central Gardens in Merrylands on Sunday.
National Tree Day manager Debbie Agnew said this year's theme, 'Be Inspired. It's in Our Nature', invited everyone to get outdoors and experience the many inspiring benefits of spending time in nature.
"Nature elevates the human spirit, and ignites passion, inspiration, creativity, and purpose," she said.
Last year nearly 310,000 people took part in National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day at over 3,500 sites across the country with more than 1.1 million native trees, shrubs, grasses, and edibles finding a new home.

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