Exhibition explores ‘hot button issues’

Story appeared in: Review | March 20th, 2017

OPENING on Harmony Day, the Peacock Gallery's new exhibition 'I am, You Are, We Are, They Are' includes works touching upon identity, representation, visibility and belonging.
Curated by Tian Zhang, the exhibition brings together works by artists Abdul Abdullah, Idil Abdullahi, Liam Benson and Amala Groom and also drew on feedback and consultations from the diverse community living around the gallery.
The final result is a range of diverse works dealing with a range of 'hot button issues', including Aboriginal sovereignty, Islamophobia, feminism, refugees and the rights of the LGBTIQ community.
For Zhang, the starting point of the exhibition was growing up in the 1990s as a Chinese-Australian, when fears over Asian immigration reached a fever pitch.
"I became aware that my own personal identity no longer fit into the national narrative," she said.
"As a curator, I wanted to present an exhibition where people from different backgrounds could see themselves and their viewpoints represented."
"My vision for 'I Am, You Are, We Are, They Are' was to facilitate a space for the public to consider the concept of 'Australianness' - how this construct of national identity is created and by whom. How this construct impacts on communities and individuals and how we are able to move forward towards a shared national identity that is a true reflection of the diversity of our country."
The free exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11am-4pm, until May 14.

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