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Story appeared in: Review | March 20th, 2017

POLICE have slammed the behaviour of five drivers who were caught speeding well above posted limits in Auburn and Merrylands over an eight-hour period last Saturday.
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As police continue to try to drive down the road toll, they have been amazed at the irresponsible behaviour of some motorists, including one who was clocked at twice the posted 50km/h speed limit on Auburn Road, and another two caught in a 60km/h zone on Merrylands Road doing 112km/h and 101km/h respectively.
Two more drivers were stopped on the M4 Motorway in a 90km/h zone, with one doing 129km/h and the other caught doing 125km/h.
The drivers each face having their licence suspended for between three and six months, the loss of at least five points, and fines ranging from $872 to $2,350.
Chief inspector Phillip Brooks, from the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, said travelling at "those sorts of significant speeds" makes it more likely for drivers to lose control, "putting themselves, their passengers, and other road users at greater risk of injury or death".
"It's a shocking result for road users within the Holroyd area and I would like to think that these drivers, their friends and family would take something away from this," he said.
"Sadly there have already been more than 60 lives lost so far this year on NSW roads with speed known to be a major contributing factor in many crashes.
"I would certainly hope that these people learn their lesson.
"At least they get to go home to their loved ones."
He said Holroyd Traffic and Highway Patrol officers were trying to save lives by catching speeding drivers.
"It is always tragic when a family has to identify the body of a loved one after a crash," he said.
"Officers are here to see that when someone starts a journey they are going to finish it safely.
"Those who have had their licence suspended will now have some time and be able to think about their actions and what could have happened."

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