Home visit from expert to pick up, dispose of waste

Utilising Cumberland Council’s problem waste collection service, Auburn resident Ian Grimes safely gets rid of old paint tins, a car battery and an expired fire extinguisher with the help of Cumberland Council workers Matt Curtis and John Huynh.

Story appeared in: Review | March 20th, 2017

TUCKED away in the corner of sheds and garages in almost every home, is a small pile of items like paint or oil that can't be safely disposed of in normal household waste collections.
Cumberland Council's Problem Waste Collection service now provides a convenient and free way for residents to safely dispose of items such as empty gas bottles, fire extinguishers, old paint, batteries, oils, fluorescent light bulbs and even expired smoke detectors.
Available to all council residents, the service was recognised recently with an Innovation Award at the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo, and aims to make disposing of household problem wastes easy and sustainable.
Regents Park resident Thuy had a collection booked this week and says he is pleased that the free service can be use as many times as needed.
"Previously we could only have chemicals picked up once a year," he said.
"Most people do not have transportation available to take their stuff to the collection centre.
"Also people are not trained on how to handle hazardous chemicals.
"It might spill on the car- especially if they have babies it is very harmful."
He said that having waste collected from from home, saved time and was "convenient for all".
The service can be booked at problemwaste.com.au.

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