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Story appeared in: Review | March 20th, 2017

A DRAFT Community Grants and Donations Policy is now open for public comment following a review into the range of financial assistance programs offered by the former Auburn and Holroyd council areas prior to last year.
Under Cumberland Council's new policy, a pool of $660,000 will be made available to individuals, community groups and organisations under six specific programs.
The figure is a minimal increase on the $589,686 on the previous funding pool which included grants, donations, sponsorships, fee waivers and other contributions made by the both the previous councils.
A report tabled at the council's March 1 meeting, noted that the policy was aimed at providing greater transparency in decision making including eligibility and assessment.
The Draft program structure also includes a proposal for a new Cumberland Ambassador Fund with a total of $10,000 for individuals and $60,000 community organisations.
In accordance with the report's recommendations, Administrator Viv May moved to discontinue all community grants and donations programs and notify recipients of the new funding opportunities.
However the council will continue to honour existing university scholarships which were awarded by the former Holroyd City Council and worth $2,684 per annum over the next three years, to avoid any disadvantage to the existing two recipients.
The policy is on exhibition until Monday, April 3.

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