Bearded bakers pop up

Moey Sawan, Knafeh founder Ameer El-Issa, Oporto founder Antonio Cerqueira, and Josh Tanous, will open the pop-up bakery next to Oporto Roselands this week.

Story appeared in: Torch | March 14th, 2017

AT first glance it might not seem that a restaurant franchise with 140 stores across Australia has a lot in common with a commercial pop-up bakery operating out of a shipping container.
However both Oporto and Knafeh began with migrant families using much loved family recipes and flavours brought with them from their respective homelands to carve out a niche in the Australian food landscape.
And from Thursday, Knafeh - which is run by the El-Issa brothers who are known as the 'bearded bakers' - are moving in next to Oporto Roselands to share their brand of food, music and fun.
While Oporto founder Antonio Cerqueira, built his business on his mum's recipe for flame grilled Portuguese chicken, Ameer El-Issa, also known as Papa Baker, has used his mum's recipe for Knafeh, a Middle Eastern sweet cheese and cream dessert, to build a unique brand.
Describing the bearded bakers as "a food phenomenon", Oporto CEO Craig Tozer said it was no surprise that the founders of both businesses hit it off.
Mr Tozer said the Oporto team were excited to have Knafeh visit their Roselands store over the next two weeks.
"The synergy is going to be incredible," he said. "What better way to top off a delicious flame grilled Portuguese chicken meal than with some sweet, creamy Knafeh?"
Knafeh will be at Oporto Roselands from March 16-19 and March 23-26, 6pm till late.

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