Barbecue to help others

The Sipou family, Mum and Dad Kayla and Brent, Jordan, 7, Mackenzie, 2 (also left), and nine-month-old Carter, is hosting a Purple Day barbecue at Rotary Park in Riverwood on March 26, from 1pm, to raise funds and awareness for epilepsy.

Story appeared in: Torch | March 6th, 2017

HAPPY, smart and very advanced for her age, Mackenzie Sipou is a normal two-year-old in nearly every way except for the fact she has epilepsy which needs daily management.
Mum and Dad Kayla and Brent, also parents to nine-month-old Carter, and Brent's son Jordan, 7, say Mackenzie can have half a dozen seizures a day and usually a major one a week.
"It is a lot to manage," Kayla said.
"But we are lucky we've had such great support from The Epilepsy Action Australia Foundation.
"They've not only trained our family members about how to deal with a seizure but also Mackenzie's daycare teachers.
"They've given us a lot of information and send cartoons to Mackenzie too so that she has an understanding of it.
"The first aid packs they provide us for free are vital and saved her life just last week. She had stopped breathing and turned blue. I had to do CPR and call an ambulance. If it wasn't for the first aid packs, I wouldn't have known what to do and she would have died."
To raise awareness about epilepsy and funds for The Epilepsy Action Australia Foundation so that they can help other families and further their research into one day possibly finding a cure, the family is hosting a Purple Day Barbecue on Sunday, March 26, from 1pm at Rotary Park in Riverwood (gold coin donation). "We will also be having a best dressed in purple competition," Kayla said.
"We would love as many residents as possible to come along and support this good cause.
"Any donations for the barbecue would also be greatly appreciated."
If you can help, call Kayla on 0403 343 353 or email

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