Exchanging cultures with world

Story appeared in: Torch | February 27th, 2017

ITS vision for the future is what sets St Maroun's College in Dulwich Hill apart from the others.
The college has developed an international student exchange "to promote an understanding in our students of other cultures, broaden their general knowledge and prepare them for an increasingly international workplace in the future".
More than 120 students, from prestigious schools in China, have already visited the college this year as part of the exchange program, touring the Marrickville campus, performing traditional Chinese dances and exchanging gifts with the principal Sister Josephine Wehbe.
St Maroun's hosts international exchange teachers and students from China, South Korea, Italy, France and many other countries every year.
A college spokesperson says primary and secondary students from these countries, attend a range of classes and extra-curricular activities in order to gain an authentic experience of education in Australia.
"In 2016, the college saw over 180 students visit, bringing a rich cultural diversity to our student community," the spokesperson said. "The exchange program has proved a rewarding experience for students in the development of friendships and intercultural understanding.
"We are also establishing sister-school relationships with top schools in China to pursue the development of bilingual courses and curriculum links."

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