Still talking about day of silence

Raising awareness about speech difficulties, volunteers from OIC Cambodia visited Campsie Public School for the annual Day Without Speech fundraiser.

Story appeared in: Torch | November 1st, 2016

FRIDAY was eerily quiet at Campsie Public School as students and staff showed their support for a Day Without Speech.
The fundraising challenge asks participants to give up verbal communication and instead use hand gestures, writing or technology.
Organised by non-government organisation OIC Cambodia, volunteer Harriet Aczel says they not only fund ongoing speech therapy projects in Cambodia but also raise awareness about the important work done by speech therapists.
While Campsie students only gave up speech for an hour, Ms Aczel said that was enough to help them understand how hard it can be to communicate for someone with speech difficulties.
"By going without speech for even that short period of time, they realise how important language is and how difficult it is to communicate in other ways," she said.
"They realised how much they take being able to talk for granted."
She said after the event, volunteers also talked to the Campsie students about the NGO and the work they do overseas.
"The day was a great success. We raised around $2,000 through the school and ironically the teachers say the students are still talking about it." Ms Aczel said.

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