Free pick up, rehome service

Some of the creative upcycle work from Bower members was on display for the launch of the new Collection and Rehoming Service.

Story appeared in: Valley Times | September 8th, 2015

IN a massive win for the environment, The Bower's new Collection and Rehoming Service offers free collection of unwanted goods and provides expert advice for reuse, repair and rehoming of preloved items.
At its launch last week, Guido Verbist, the Marrickville based Reuse and Repair Centre's Cooperative Manager, described the service to the crowd in five numbers: 12 councils have already signed up for the new and free service program; 1,000 recycling organisations feature in the Bower's database and are referred to when The Bower can't accept the goods; 85kg of preloved goods per resident who contacted The Bower was diverted from landfill last year, with most of them sold in The Bower store; 101 educational workshops and repair cafes were organised by The Bower last year where people could learn how to repair goods and save the environment at the same time; and 70 percent of the sales price goes to members as an incentive to repair and upcycle preloved goods.
Representatives from participating councils and the NSW EPA were present at the launch, including Councillor Christine Forster and Deputy Lord Mayor Roby Kemmis from City of Sydney which also supported the new Collection and Rehoming service with an environmental grant.
Some of the creative and inspirational upcycle work from Bower members was on display for the occasion.
If you want to donate preloved goods, call The Bower on 9568 6280 and if you are interested in second hand and upcycled goods, visit the store in Marrickville, on 34/42 Addison Road.

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