Ancient tree 'homes' facing axe

Bankstown Bushland Society's Col Gibson with one of the old growth trees earmarked for removal at East Hills Park.

Story appeared in: Torch | August 18th, 2015

A NUMBER of old growth native trees are facing the chop from an East Hills nature reserve to allow Bankstown City Council to upgrade a car park.
The Bankstown Bushland Society says the removal of at least six large eucalyptus trees will reduce wildlife habitat and further threaten native bushland.
Secretary Col Gibson says the trees, with their hollow branches, provide nesting habitat for parrots and other wildlife. He has slammed the destruction of what he says are "fine examples of Bankstown's indigenous trees" for a car park.
"The society strongly objects to the destruction of remnant native forest trees for this purpose," he said.
"East Hills Park possesses many fine old native trees, which add a great deal of charm to the place and should not be chainsawed down because they are in the way of potential parking space."
Mr Gibson says around six trees are marked 'X', including the only example of a Broad-leaved Ironbark remaining in the park. The society has been a strong advocate for remnant bushland preservation since 1988.
South Ward Councillor Jim Daniel said he had long been pushing for improved safety at the car park. Cr Daniel said up to 80 vehicles could be parked illegally along Henry Lawson Drive after the car park filled on weekends. "The new car park will provide a safer entry and exit point," he said, adding he was unaware of any tree removal but said the safety was paramount.
A council spokesperson said it was following necessary environmental steps to determine the best and safest outcome for the community.

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